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Healthier living is living life without the added toxins in products that reduce and stress the quality of our bodies on a day to day basis. We as humans absorb vast amounts of chemicals everyday; why do it at home if we don’t have to? Athos Properties as Asheville green builders go the extra mile and carefully selects certain materials that emit low to no VOC’s. While affordability and energy independence are usually represented at opposite ends on a graph, we at Athos Properties are always able to come to an energy efficient median. Maintaining energy efficiency is as simple as changing a light bulb and doing this on a less frequent basis. Green building with Asheville green homes does not mean you have to give up your entire lifestyle to live at your comfort level. More products coming out now allow you to maintain your lifestyle and are all together the same quality you are use to having but built in a green way. Green building techniques reduce the impact of home building construction with added features that can give back to the earth. Athos Properties makes its top priority to find alternate materials and home building methods that don’t change the quality or comfort of living in a home. We at Athos Properties combine all of these elements together to produce a home while disturbing the earth as little as possible.
Throughout John's career, he has learned that customer service and quality were the keys to becoming successful. These attributes have allowed John to exude passion and excellence with a touch of being green in every home he builds. John brings joy and comfort to individuals through the guidance of such programs as ENERGY STAR® and NC HEALTH BUILT HOMES PROGRAM®. Knowing your home is certified to perform as built reduces stress and raises the quality of life. Everyone knows home building can be stressful but John makes it easy through his experience in ALL aspects of Real Estate, Home Building and Remodeling. To stay up to date and more knowledgeable then the rest, John stays current on all trends, licenses and continuing education. John is a member of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council, U.S. Green Building Council, Asheville Home Builders Association and other Real Estate Associations.

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